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About The IJSIT

International Journal of Science Inventions Today (IJSIT) invites the original research in all branches of the science. The IJSIT publishes Research and Review Articles, which are selected and approved by Editorial members. Upon acceptance, the galley proofs of the selected/ approved manuscripts are prepared and sent to the corresponding author on an expedited process to facilitate more rapid and accurate online publication and corrected version is published online ASAP an issue. Call for the following category manuscripts.

Organic ChemistryInorganic chemistry
Analytical chemistryPhysical chemistry
Medicinal chemistryNatural products
MicrobiologyPharmaceutical analysis
PharmaceuticsComputer science
Novel drug deliveryNanotechnology
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IJSIT is an open access peer reviewed science journal, and commiting to providing an open access option for all Research and Review articles published by IJSIT.